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Sponges :
Our Magic Sponges remove deep-seated dirt and stains without chemicals!

They remove permanent markers, coffee and tea stains, lime scale, oil, grease, etcetera on tiles, mirrors, walls, floors, sinks, bath tubs, outdoor furniture, keyboards, sports shoes, etc.

They are also perfect for cleaning your car or boat interior, for removing insects, algae, moss, tar, bird droppings, rubber abrasion, etc.
Our Color Clean-sponges comply with HACCP regulations.

The polyurethane pressure spheres inside the sponge improve the force that fingers apply on the surface.

Result : 4 x more cleaning power.

Thanks to the new revolutionary net structure the Color Clean Sponges don't damage the surface, donít scratch and leave no fibre residues on the surface.

The perfect sponge for the food industry, (industrial) kitchens and restaurants.

Microfibre sponges

Clean thorougly, but softly without scratching.

Machine or dishwasher washable.

Perfect for use in the kitchen, car and boat industry, bathroom, ...

We can print your company logo on the soft side of the DUO-sponges.

Soot sponge

Particularly suitable for the cleaning of fire damage.

Dry removes the dust and the soot particles.

Areas of application: Wall coverings, walls, fabric covers, blinds, lampshades, clothing, furniture, archives, curtains, ceilings, panels of false ceilings, air valves, TV and computer screens, ...

Also suitable to remove pet hair.
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